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The efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem

Prototype is an early sample, model, or Release of a product built to test



Creation of a plan or convention for the Construction of an object, system

Practice of converting data to graphical Interface for user to view and interact



Testing involves the execution of a software component or system component to evaluate one or more properties of interest



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Web Design & Development

We design and develop the web application to thrive the Clients' Business market to go extra miles to achieve success. We are expertise in providing responsive web app solutions. We also provide UI/UX enhancements to the developed application.

Mobile Application

We foster your creative ideas to make your Start-ups, small Businesses, Enterprises to reach the next level of excellence with our Cost-effective, Creative and Innovative design of mobile app. We extend our arms of Simplicity to transform your Ideas to an exemplary app harvest.

IoT  &  IoE

IoE is the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things. Under the roof of IoE, IoT covers the "things" pillar. Stay ahead with your IoT application ranking from smart Homes, smart City, Industrial Internet etc. in the market with our Creative solutions.


We provide support services for the app, website or any portal/project which requires maintenance. We take an extra step to innovate or renovate the existing app according to your requirement. We help our client's in migrating the existing (organization's Database) data to the cloud.


The design is NOT merely the stated requirements by the client rather than it is analyzed for a better solution. It should be data-secure, optimized to improve performance. We follow the Agile methodology for frequent releases so that the client can see the opportunity to enhance it before hand.

Packaging Design

Our team have creative and technical “know-how” to design you package and product display ideas that will grab attention and motivate users to buy your products. We can help with all types of package design including: retail packaging, software boxes, cosmetic line packages, and food packaging designs – just to name a few.


A very easy-to-use Pocket Inventory for any POS, Warehouse, Retail Stores, etc., The UI is very simple to an extent that the basic storekeeper can use it. Any kind of Product Category/Sub-Category can be added at any time. The app features with limiting the access by creating User profiles and assigning the Roles for your Employees. All the reports and Invoices are generated and it can be printed or shared via Email / Whatsapp.


Welcome to Sammukart! This is an Organic products based company which was established in the year of 2015, in the busy south Indian city and the capital of Tamil Nadu state, Chennai. Sammukart is committed to serving customers with quality products. Our products are demanded a lot in the market, and you can have tremendous response out of our products due to their high-quality contents and attractive packaging. Our health products are suitable for the modern lifestyle, fast life, and more mental work. We want you to lead a healthy and holistic life which is only possible with a lifestyle switch to Organics - a living of the future. Sammukart will deliver the products only in Chennai.



Money Reckon

Money Reckon is a Simple and Easy-to-Use with its cinch UI. A very Simple UI but the complex functionality is handled in the background without making the End Users to fill in different screens to cumulate the Transactions. Anybody can start using the App on the go without going back and referring the screens on how to use it. Track your Transactions as a list of records to state you the Amount of spending / receiving on that date Or Visually you can check the reports to understand the money flow. You can add your own Spend/Receive Categories and colour them up to your Imagination!

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